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CSSIgniter offers a series of Premium WordPress Themes, Plugins & Elementor templates to 100.000+ customers worldwide.


A successful theme is being used by many businesses and professional web builders, in different countries with different languages.

It also has sections that can be re-arranged, adjusted and branded while it still looks awesome. At the same time, it needs to "feel" special and somehow differentiate from the rest of the market and from the rest of your themes.

my role

Research & design for Premium WordPress Themes for specific niches.

Designing WordPress Themes:
The process.

Before I designed my first theme, I had to get familiar with WordPress, so I could understand its limitations.

I also needed to understand how someone uses a visual Builder or the theme's functionality, so I could design in a way that helps people make their best work with it. I did that by using online surveys and by directly talking to our customers.

When the team had a specific niche in mind, I was conducting market research in the countries most of our clients were coming from to understand how people were solving the problem. I was reviewing websites and taking notes for popular features and how I could improve them.

After that, there was a quick round of wireframes and then high fidelity mockups for desktop, tablet & mobile devices.

Adding a spark of "wow"

Following trends is important and people always will want to see and buy something that looks fresh, but what is more important is the ability to adapt to different design styles, based on research findings.

"Thanos is not just a great designer but one of the best professionals I've ever worked with"

"In the early days of our small WordPress themes business it was rather difficult to identify our core audience and Thanos played a vital role in this process. When it comes to solving complex problems one of his major strengths is his empathetic approach.

Thanos is quite probably the only designer who's able to perfectly align his assumptions, solutions and deliverables with the target audience.

His deep involvement within the WordPress community also helps him to quickly understand the various nuances of the design process in our industry."

Gerasimos Tsiamalos - Founder & CEO

Hundreds of thousands downloads.
100.000+ satisfied customers.

CSSIgniter is now one of the top companies that provide Premium WordPress Themes and my themes are still being used by thousands of customers worldwide.

more work

2016 - 2020

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